Not returning calls or text after i paid for my purchase


My Complaint: I was scammed in to believing he would sell me the best prices on his iphone 5s. He sounded legit and so i was convinced in to believing him. He wanted me to pay $230 through the mail and he gave me the details to where to ship it He claims his name is Robert Jones and this is his address 307 Cornell Avenue Calumet City, IL 60409. It’s been a week since i sent my mail and when I texted him via his kik: _FoamWorld he never responded but I knew he did read my message because it would indicate on the message if it was read or not. When i started telling him i think he’s a scam he didn’t reply me anymore and he even blocked me from his instagram account. I made another instagram account and commented on his pictures that he is a scam and no one should trust him. He blocked me again and deleted all those comments of mine. I tried calling him but the phone just rang didn’t even pick up. I told him i would report him and he just replied saying okay and cool. He also claims that he is business partners with that page.


My Demand: Money back