Whatever you do PLEASE do NOT buy from KIDS ARMY STORE (www.kids-army-store.com/ . I purchased about $400.00 worth of items. Prices were so low I could not stop…but its true folks you get what you paid for…or not. I had 5 items back ordered, but they did not note that on the packing slip of course. Cost us so much time checking and rechecking since the slip noted ALL items shipped. What a scam. But it gets worst; 95% percent of the items are so bad my garbage collector wouldnt take them! Absolute JUNK!Thats why the prices were so low I guess. STAY AWAY from KIDS ARMY STORE. They are located in the UK I believe. And when I wrote them they basically replied like an angry teenager, rude, nasty, profanity etc. SHAME on them

Unit 39, Sugarbrook Road, Aston Fields Industrial Bromsgrove B60 3DN United Kingdom, Select State/Province United States of America


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