I have been emailing [email protected] to see about getting a toy female yorkie. She said it would be $300 – she was only charging me for shipping. The shipping company would call today and make final arrangements. The shipping company (theirs is the phone #) texted me and when I tried to call, I couldn’t hear. He then sent me an email from this email address AirCargo Transport” <[email protected] ut.<br=”” not=”” code=”” memphis=”” is=”” which=”” area=”” 901=”” calls=”” getting=”” started=”” then=”” 10).=”” (dec=”” tomorrow=”” receive=”” today=”” shippers=”” it=”” take=”” were=”” ut=”” from=”” coming=”” be=”” supposed=”” was=”” puppy=”” puppy.=”” the=”” deliver=”” they=”” before=”” card=”” credit=”” visa=”” special=”” a=”” buy=”” to=”” have=”” would=”” i=”” that=”” said=”” and=””>
Thankfully I talked to my son first and he went on line and found out this was a scam. Saved me hard earned $. They were going to charge me $300./aircargotransport@hotmail.com. I demand I would like to see him arrested, tried or whatever you do to scammers and keep him from trying to do this to others.. Stay away

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