I was 50 years old when I married my husband who was also 50. I had waited 8 years to remarry because I had waited to find the right man. We dated for 2 years prior to getting married. We bought a beautiful new home together and were happy I thought. He went on a business trip which wasn’t unusual in February of this year. I noticed he started keeping his phone tight to him after that. Prior he would leave his phone anywhere and I could answer it or grab it for him if it rang. I started noticing he was getting texts early in the morning and every night but he had changed her name from Kim to Ken just in case I saw it. Well one night Ken text and said some things a man wouldn’t say to another man unless he was gay. So I accused him of being gay and that is when he confessed it was a woman. I lost it. I couldn’t believe it. I called her but she wouldn’t talk. I was going to leave him but he told me he loved me and not her and wanted me. I told him I would forgive him but it had to end. He lied to me daily and said it was over with them. || Now mind you, we live in Texas, he is 52 and she is 31 married with 2 little boys under 5. I got his phone one night and seen where she was already telling him she loved him, etc. I contacted her husband and he said that he knew about him but was going to try to make his marriage work. || I begged her to please leave my husband alone and I begged my husband. We had a home together and over 50. It was my dream come true. I thought I would grow old with him. He told me on April 26th that he was for real ending it with her and wanted me. I found an email that day she had sent him saying she had a room reserved for him in Columbia Missouri where she lives. || I left. My heart is broken in pieces. She is a cold hearted bitch. She left her husband also and destroyed her family. All for some older man that it won’t last anyway. What she did to her two little boys is unforgivable.