Complaint: This Buddish Temple called Thien Vien Vo Uu is not a very nice temple for any one to visit now. My mother is 95 years old. She decided to come and lived in the temple since 2006. She was sharing her expenses, shelter with other nuns in the temple. As she was still healthy at that time. She would not mind to pay her share. Every month she contributed $500 per month to the master of the temple. Her name is Ni Su Dong Kinh ever since she stayed there. That not counting all of her SSI money that she contributed all to this temple. She stayed there since 2006 until November 2010. She has decided to go home and live with her daughter. On August 20th, 2011 she went back to the temple paying a visit and she is kind of old and does not know what is right or wrong. She thought that she still has to pay her share as usual and gave the master of the temple $500 for her sharing. While staying over there for three days. They took her money and ask her to leave as she was too old. Can not do anything by herself any more. And knowing that she would not remember that she does not live there any more., but still took her money for $500 and sent her home with another nun on the bus to Orange County with her daughter. She came home and very upset , angry that the way they treated and cheated her. She told me that she gave them $500 and asked her to go home. without paying her back. I kept calling Master Ni Su Dong Kinh to return her $500 that she did pay and did not stay. But this Ni Su refused to return and asked my mother talked to her in person so she will return. My mother made a called and talked to her asking her to return the money as she requested to hear from my mother. My mother called on Feb 22 to talked directly to Ni Su DOng Kinh and until now she has not yet returning back my mother $500. This temple does a lot of bad thing to old people. take advantage of the old people knowing that old people put their heart and trust to them. They collected old people money, I would like to write this on my mother behalf to tell all other people please do not go to this temple , and giving any money to them, or let any of your relatives to be closed to them or listen to them any more. They are not very nice people. I do not want this happen to any one from now on. Please please post this to warn all people who put their heart and trust and faith to the temple. I will not give up but keep telling any one and keep calling them. Now they do not answer the tel any more. Thank you for posting this and let others know. Sincerely Daughter on behalf on Kim Long AKA ni co Khanh Tinh.

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