So I am curemtly 8 1/2 month pregnant with Brian Provenzano’s first born son. I find his chick Kimberly Conrow at his home in Late August early September claiming she has known my Brian for 26 years and if I have a problem with that then I must be insane. He’s aloud to have “girl” friends. Well being I was 6+ months pregnant at the time I definitely had an issue with it since Brian and I were obviously dating and expecting our first child together. Kimberly preceded to tell me in test that she was a lesbian as well and wanted nothing to do with a Brian. However she has a 4 yr old son and was married….hmmmmm. Well looks like all that was a lie. Profile updated “in a relationship with Brian Provenzano”. So me being pregnant and These two, mind you they are 42 years old, move forward with their “relationship” good luck