Well I moved to Greenville in 2010 shortly after my son was born with my son’s father. A lot of drama with his parents and his ex wife happened not long after i got there, about 6 months or so. Well on May 29, 2011 my son’s grandmother on his fathers side decided she wants to fight me so long story short, she ended up kicking me and my son out and I had to move back to Panama City by myself with my son. well shortly after that i started getting these calls from an unknown number. Keep in mind me and baby daddy was still”together” he just still lived 300 miles away in Greenville. I could never figure out who was calling me so late at night. Anyway come to find out my son’s father was cheating on me and his new girl friend wanted to play on my phone. || Its been a few years and ive come to the conclusion that me and him will never be again.. but his girlfriend doesnt seem to get that I dont want her man anymore.. and she continues to talk sh*t about me on social sites. I found out from a mutual friend that they were talking to each other when I still lived in Greenville. Shes been wanting to be with him since she was a teenager and finally got what she wanted!! congrats to them. he just needs to help me raise his child instead of them partying. and when I ask him about sending some money she wanna get on facebook and talk shit about me begging for money!! So here I am just trying to expose what kind of female she is! thanks!!