My husband and I have been married a year. We have a daughter that’s almost a year and a son on the way as well. I’m pretty certain everyone we come into contact with thinks we’re only married for our kids even though we’re best friends first. || He started a job in November and all the girls have admitted he’s cute and so forth. I sometimes get told that directly. Usually when he start a job it stops eventually, but there’s always that one bold HW. who keeps pushing it.I go up there often with my daughter and everyone knows he has a family and all the important people to him I’ve met. But last few months of shopping there I’ve noticed someone giving me looks and staring hard. She knows me but I don’t know her at first. || I tell my husband she likes him and that’s why she’s giving me this look. He thinks it’s nonsense and says he doesn’t notice it and says she’s nice to him. (Well duh she likes you goof) Weeks go by he tell me I was right she does like him. She says to him how I’m a lucky girl and he’s so sweet, and a kind person. And if anything were to happen between us let her know, cause he can have it if he wants it. His response was In my opinion too nice… I appreciate the offer but I’m a a happily married and I love my wife and I’d never do that. So I told him she’d keep trying him again and again. || She asked him for rides after work when ever I’m not picking him up apparently, he always says no though. He says he felt bad for her and got her number just in case she needed one, cause we live close. (Before she told him she liked him) anyway she sent him a boob pic and he didn’t ask for it or anything. It’s was all national geographic, huge tits too lol ^^And I replied and said thanks. And I’m wondering how can she just send some random dude at work a boob pic. A guy that feels sorry for her at that. She claims one of her parents has a drinking problem like his mom as well. (He missed some work and had to explain it was his mom’s drinking and liver issues) then she has an alcoholic parent too all of a sudden and he just thinks ‘hey a friend who really understands what I’ve gone through. I told him it was bs and she just tryna get in his pants anyway she could. She talked about her baby daddy who’s in jail alot to him like he suppose to care. On vday (our anniversary) she asked what he was doing and he said spending time with my wife….her pathetic self must have been hoping for an answer that involved her lol. She has asked about me, probably knowing I don’t like her. Looking for an open end for him to confide in her about negativity about me lol. She’s been tryna get him to hang out outside of work with her an it’s sad how hard she’s trying to get a step dad for her kids that’s already married, and happily at that. She has no clue he’s my best friend and just assumes I don’t know anything and takes his kindness for flirting. He’s a great husband and father. Too nice sometimes and she senses that. This girl right here is a beast.He fell for her bs tryna continue to be friends with her, and it’s his fault too. Being stupid and not listening, getting drunk his self and talking to about his drunken mom. Before it went any further though he stopped and put his head on straight and realized I was right, before anything major happened. She’s a sorta pretty slut faced hoe bag too. Who only wants what she can’t have, because the dudes that do want her she has no interest in apparently. Beware of her if your in austell, powder springs, and marietta=east cobb. She’s getting fired soon and will have a new job so look out if you live in those areas she’s very persistent. And obvious with her behavioral patterns.