Worst experience.. very bad service. | Hired King David Moving and Storage to move from Seattle to LA. | Denise was very good till I placed my order and paid my advance. Total cost decided as $1400 | Luggage was picked up and right size truck was sent to pick it up. | Problem started when delivering the luggage at destination. | Driver calls and informs me that he will be delivering the luggage tomorrow between 8 to 11AM. | He calls next day morning informing that he has brought luggage in huge highway container and it does not fit on the road to my apartment. (Really amazed that this company expects to move around cities, delivering consignments in huge container trucks.) | This Driver Alex, gets his truck 10 minutes walk from my apartment and informs that he will charge me $400 to hire a shuttle to transfer the luggage till my apartment. I cannot believe this charge and call their customer service. After long hold, lady on the phone tells me that she cannot do anything and I will have to listen to what the Driver tells me and pay the amount. | Driver then after 3 hours gets the luggage in uhaul carrier which is available at max $50 per hour. | This is only one driver moving all my boxes, and he charges me additional $130 citing that my apartment is 35 mts from the road where he parked the uhaul shuttle. So I had to pay $530 additional and worst part is the driver was so arrogant that he refused to allow me to even see my luggage till I paid this amount in cash. (I had to struggle to get this additional cash of $530 as they refuse to accept cheque). | Once I pay the money he starts moving the boxes and was careless enough to calmly drop 3-4 boxes when shifting. On counting the boxes, I find one box missing. | This driver informed that he will check in his truck if the box is left there. | I then receive a call from him that the missing bag is in the truck but he has to deliver some other consignment and he will deliver the bag back next day. Its 3 days now and I am still waiting for driver to return or call back. | I called their customer support and the lady again informs me that she cannot do anything and I need to contact the driver. | So if you need to experience some extremely bad service go with King David Moving and Storage. They will try to do everything right till they pick up your luggage, and then you should be ready to pay huge amount with a lot of pain till you hopefully all your luggage back.

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