My husband is being taken advantage of by the Kirby vacuum company! He works 16 hour days M-Sat just to have no paychek most of the time and got lied to over and over about his bonuses he was getting $300 a week for 2 weeks as a bonus just for showing up and being slave driven he just started back working for this guy because desperate for money but is now stuck and getting brainwashed. He got that bonus taken away because his boss wasn’t making enough money, now he works for free unless there is a sale. He has been going through this cycle with them for 9 yrs and 5 different distributers that are all doing the same thing to him and other employees. Making promises that they don’t keep. How is he independent when he does not set his own work schedule and does not make judgement calls. He works all day everyday it’s destroying our marriage we never see each other and we have been homeless numerous times because they don’t pay him unless there is a sale. What can I do about this? My husband deserves better he works his butt of for nothing. His boss is selfish makes him work when he is sick and we are having problems in our marriage because of kirby and became homeless again a month ago. Now we are not living together I had to move in with my parents in another town and he is staying with a friend. His boss will not allow him to have anytime to come see me at all and he can’t save any money for us to get a place because of being unpaid and taken advantage of. He had a heat stroke yesterday and was in the hospital. He has had them many times before. They do not provide water at all to their employees while out in the extreme heat all day. They are making him work today even though he is week and dehydrated.. Help what do I do to stop this company from destroying lives! To view more in detail on this I wrote about on another website a couple of days ago here is the link… .

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