Kirby forgery scam


My Complaint: I am now begging for someone to help me and my family. I am a teacher and single mother and I need help badly.

A Kirby salesman came to my door in 2015. He showed me what he had and offered $2499 which I refused. He had me sign a blue piece of paper saying it was to negotiate with his supervisor on my behalf. He wanted $1299 as an offer, I said I needed it around $1000. He said he would come back with the new offer. He said he would bring a new vacuum, this was a demo, he would take my trade ( I still have) and clean up. 11:00PM came and went, 11:30PM and at midnight I turned the lights out and went to bed. I assumed the man had some sort of an emergency and would return the next day. He never came back. I got a bill 2 days later for $4000. I called the number to see what the bill was for, thinking it was a mistake. I was informed that I bought a Kirby vacuum cleaner. I explained what happened and was informed that they had a contract with my signature. I told them that was not possible because I never even saw a contract for the item. The salesman left two stacks of contracts at my house plus dozens of those white circle things but I was never presented with a contract. In the conversation I said, okay then I need to cancel. They said my salesman no longer worked for the company so I could not cancel. Been fighting ever since. Mediation, court, Handwriring expert that confirmed the ?contract? they have signed was not signed by me. They would not allow my expert witness because I broke some sort of court rule when filing. This should not happen. Now I have to appeal. But if it went like court, I am in trouble. The salesman got on the stand and lied. I couldn?t prove that because I could not use my expert, ( who I paid thousands to) who knows the signature is not mine. Even just looking at the signatures it is obvious I did not sign. This is going to force me into a bankruptcy. This is some kind of scam and should not be tolerated. The legal system should not be helping these crooks take money from me, but they are. They just filed to garnish my meager wages. In getting my appeal ready I found the DVD inoperable. I was instructed to file de novo. On the website it showed that my motion was granted (I have the printed proof of this) the next day it showed denied (have proof of this as well). When the paper work came it was whited out and crossed off with Cathy Riggs changing the rulings. People should not be allowed to be scammed this way. The only thing I did wrong was open my door. I will never be hospitable to a door to door person ever again. Never. And I was always one to believe we all had to make a living and we should be kind, I was wrong. Now waiting on appeal.


My Demand: New trial as their is no record of out court day or dropped entirely and my money out returned or charges filed agains these crooks.