I was approached via email about a job. It was a contract to hire full time position. This scheme was very elaborate and including over 5 different people in several locations. I was recruited by a women names Helen Richards, she contacted me by email and by phone. I was sent a Pre-Employment contract signed by Mattias Hansen. The company was based out of UK but was expanding into the US. The next part seemed easy, simple question and answer type of assignments. I had a coach Phillip Wheeler. I reported to him for several weeks. Then I was sent over to a Matthew Walker who gave me the assignments that turn out to be fraud. They had me attach what I have learned to be fraudulent Chase accounts to pay for the purchases I made. all of those payments are now bouncing back and are tied to my name. All of the emails stopped working, none of the phones work, they just shut everything down. From me they got 4 apple notebooks and 4 apple phones @ 13000. This scam went on for 4 weeks, they even sent me a final employment contract and gave me an address in Charlotte where we were to meet and sign the paperwork.