We contracted to work with Sal Mahmoud (SP) to remodel our Kitchen in Oct 2012. The project was installed by their (subcontractors). The workers were disorganized due to the offices directions on our project. Management (after signing the contract) became beligerent in our questions and when asked when and where missing cabinet parts were during the project they started telling us what we wanted to hear. Unfortunately it was not the truth. The responses on many occassion were to appease our our questions and never did any of them Materialize. Matt Blesi the project designer became very short with us on several occassions. We have had projects done before in the Texas area and we were never treated this way in any of our undertakings. I am here to tell you that if you dont want to deal with an unorgazied bunch of contractors stay away. We came un announced to talk with Sal at his showroom and there was another customer walking out the door stating “We are very dissapointed””… Never again will we use the guys and am here to tell you our story….”

7004 Wellington Rd u00b7 Manassas Manassas, Virginia USA