KFIS29BBBL02 27 Cu. Ft. Standard-Depth French Door Refrigerator, Architectu00ae Series II I purchased a new kitchenaid , high end frig in March 2013. The frist frig start experiencing cooling problems at about month 7. 3months of repairs, appointments and phone call after phone call. KA finally agreed to replace the frig with same model.. Frig #2: its also started having cooling problems started @ month 11. Right before the 1 year warranty was up I reported issues to KA. We are now at month 2 on trying to fix the second frig with no luck. Cooling temps for the last month have been above 50 degrees. That is not a safe temp for foods that should be kept cool. That has made for a lot of waste of food and chances for unsafe unhealthy items from frig…currently the only servicer they have in my area is booked 3 weeks out. The last servicer ( appointments #1-#5 on frig #2) declined to service my frig for appt #6 any longer and refused to service my area under Kitchenaid. I have had more than 20 scheduled appointments.. Five of those were no shows. Countless phone calls with customer care. The frustration level for me has been off the chart. ive had reps call me to tell me that I needed to find my own servicer and fix the problem my self it wasn’t theor concern. The worst customer care experience I have had with a company.

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