Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave n (chapter 1) n1. The Players. (The below companies are the same or affiliated.) nBasic Reasearch (this .org should be a non-profit) nKlein Becker (there is no Klein or Becker)n Zoller Laboratories n Tree House Marketing (relationship ended badly)n Zantrex-3 n Silversagen Covaxil Laboratoriesn Sovagen Urban biologicsn Nutrasportn Majestic Enterprisesn Alphagen Biotechn XM International LLCn Evanstown Research Labsn Western Holdings, LLC n Bydexbasic Reasearchn Bydexn Epregnancy magizinen My Free Diet n Turley-Thompson (relationship ended badly)n American phytothearopy research labsn Nutrastarn Body Innoventionsn Ag Waterhouse leptoprin (Waterhouse?? Hmmm) n2. The deception. (To make the companies and products sound like a Pharmaceutical company or product and then make wild, un-proven and illegal claims about the products abilities and affects. Then back the claims with fake, false, stolen, biased or non-existent studies) nThree owners Dennis Gay, Evan Bybee, and Dr Dan Mowrey (Medical Doctor? Not) nThey start off by inventing a names, just any combinations of vowels and consonants that can be pronounced, and for which a “Pharmaceutical sounding word”” there is currently no domain registered. nThey register the names under holding companies similar to the ones below n painstudy n Registrant Contact:n Western Holdings

LLCn Michael Meade n 801 234 ####n FAX: 801 234 ####n 1210 S. Walnutn Casper

WY ##### US n or n Organization:nt X M International

L.L.C.nt Michael Meadent ### West #### Northnt Provo

UT 84604nt USnt Phone: 801-234-####nt Fax..: 801-234-#### n3. The Fraud. nThey hire a slick marketing team (Mitchell k. Friedlander and Michel Meade) Both already found guilty in two other states of the same type of fraud. n(URLs removed by Ripoff Scams) nThey find some “”supplement packaging company”” that is willing to give them a pill of some sort