Kmart had coupons which state: Get a $10 Kmart gift card when you buy a Duracell Saver pack and 2 participating P&G products. It states 1 per TRANSACTION. My 11 year old son and I were in there and we decide to do it twice…he goes through first. The cashier tells him HE cannot do it. It is 1 per household. A parent has to do it. I wasn’t aware there was an age limit. I tell them I am the parent. She says 1 per household. I said the coupon states 1 per transaction, and we are doing 2 transactions. She says Corp issued a retraction. nI come home and call corp CS, who tells me it seems I was doing exactly what the promo said, and she knows nothing of a retraction. So, then I go online and people are saying it is happening everywhere. The coupon came from P&G. It was also in KMART’s ad, yet they are claiming it was a misprint. So, 2 companies BOTH misprinted? As far as I know P&G is not away of Kmart’s sudden new rule. (I have emailed them about it) Anyhow, they have no way of knowing who is in a household. It doesn’t say ANYWHERE that it is 1 per household. Not on the coupon, not in the promo details. There is also no disclaimer about reserving the right to recind or correct. nThey took all the coupons and hid them at the CS counter. I already had like 10. They are not honoring the coupon or their ad. They have lousy customer service and this is a really shady business practice. It also seems like false advertising to me. I was buying other things besides this and I put them back. I will not shop at Kmart again. nJennifernHopkinsville, KentuckyU.S.A.

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