On December 3,2015 I received a phone call from a company called KMFG,LLC called me in regards to a credit card debit. When I looked up the credit card they indicated that I had a balance with it wasn’t legit. I never owned a Citibank credit card. They indicated they can place a lien on my current vehicle , Lien on my taxes and can take me to court. I would be responsible for all court fee’s if this was the action they took against. They had all my information and I believed it was a legit company so I proceeded to agree to a payment amount and gave my debit card #. After hanging up with this company I did some research to find that this company is not with ScamPulse.com and there is a complaint from another consumer on your website regarding the same company. I’m in the process of closing all my accounts. Please help by investigating this company before anyone else gets scammed!