Complaint: I rented a textbook from this company. It came with significant water damage. The previous renters invoice, papers, and a used star bucks gift card inside. The book was usable so I used it. I have now been charged for the damage to the book that was present when I received it. When contacting customer service I was disconnect through chat and told they could do nothing for me. When I called customer service they said the same thing. I was apparently supposed to report damage to the book when received, however nothing in the invoice said this. Apparently, it is not the rental companies responsibility to review the books they are sending out or receiving. After reviewing multiple other reviews I am convinced this company is a scam. I will be contacting my credit company to dispute the charges. I will also be contacting the better business bureau to report this scam of a company. Do not do business with this company. I have been renting textbooks for many years from other sites with no issue. I have no problem paying for damage I am responsible for, but that is not the case.

Tags: Adult Career & Continuing Education

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 1-888-388-9909