Complaint: received a book from me that was supposed to go to another rental company. In turn, the two books that were supposed to be received by Knetbooks were sent to the other rental company. I was contacted by knetbooks and informed by email, of which I was not notified by my technology until after the due date had passed, that I needed to return the books or extend the rental, and, also, that I must pay $10 to get the book back from knetbooks that they had wrongly received or it would be recycled. I chatted with a customer service representative from knetbooks online who told me that I would have to call to confirm the payment. They also told me that the charges could be refunded 75% (which, by the way, the lady I later contacted on the phone told me was untrue, because the current refund rate is 50%, although she said they would honor it) if they are returned by January 9. The other rental company has given me an estimate of 15 business days to receive the book from them, which does not leave me with much hope to have the books returned by January 9. The woman who I later talked to on the phone to confirm my payment information for the book knetbooks needs to send back to me told me that I will not get a refund for the books if they are not returned by the date. She said she apologized for the inconvenience. I paid my money for the return of the book they received and ended the call. However, the lady on the phone did recommend that I sell my late books back to knetbooks if I could not ship them by the 9th. The money I was charged for the two books totaled $292.01. This was all the money I had in my checking account to buy books for next semester. Even if I did receive a refund, it will not be in time to get my books for next semester. I am grateful I was not overdrafted! Those fees are horrible. I plan to and currently am trying to warn everyone I know to no longer use this company. How sad it is to make your money off of swindling poor college kids!

Tags: Corrupt Companies

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Phone: 18888709186