I had bought one of the first KODAK printers that they came out with about 3 yrs ago and when I tried to scan some pictures it would NOT work, I called customer support which it still runs out of India and you cannot understand them, well they ended up telling me that my printer was NOT compatible with my computer I went out and purchase a brand new computer for $600.00. Now I went out and bought a brand new wireless KODAK ESP 9 printer to make what I thought my life easier and it has been a headache!!! I called customer support again and after an hour of trying different things they tell me that my KODAK printer is not compatible with my router and to ask my service provider to give me a new router, well you know Im not going to do that! Because just a couple of months ago I paid $120 for this router and it works with everything else in my home like my 2 laptops, ipod touch, computer and WII! DONT BUY A KODAK PRINTER OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER! I also have a less than a year old pink KODAK camera that they refuse to fix because I dont have the receipt! It is just INSANE!!!!!!

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