I purchased a can opener back in December as a Christmas gift. My mother-in-law could not use it because of her disabliity and age so I returned it unused in original packaging. I could not find the receipt but I knew Kohl’s is supposed to take back items with no receipt. Because I am Canadian I could not start a ‘my Kohl’s charge’ which means there was no record of my purchase using any of my credit cards. It could be that I used Kohl’s cash or a merchandise credit I’m not sure. Kohl’s is quite willing for me to have a Kohl’s charge and spend my money in their store but it will not allow me to keep track of purchases using a ‘my Kohl’s charge. The second part of my complaint is that when they could find no record of the sale they said they could only credit me with the lowest price offered in the last 13 weeks which was ten dollars on an original twenty dollar item. I do not believe that this item was offered at Kohl’s for that price. Certainly research on Amazon and other sites never showed this can opener was offered for ten dollars! My next step is to attempt to contact Kohl’s credit and return departments again which won’t be an easy task as calls are put through to phone centers who cannot possibly help or make any kind of decisions. I should probably cut up my credit card and just shop in Canada. Pat Writing from Port Huron,Michigan but living in Canada Couldn’t access this site without using an American address

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