Complaint: I went to korean bbq house last night just like I have many other times in the past. I ordered all you can eat for a friend and I because I obtained a punch card and had one more until I could get a free meal. Every single time I have used my punch card in the past they have given me one stamp per all you can eat meal I buy, there was even a time I purchased 4 all you can eats and received 4 punches. At the end of my meal I went to the register expecting to receive two punches like usual because I ordered two all you can eat meal’s. I was excited to fill the card and get one meal free as promised. The waitress informed me I would only be receiving one stamp and had to use my free meal another time. I asked for a manager since this has never happened before. From the beginning she was nothing but rude. She told me “we have never done that”” but as I continued to argue with her she let it slip

Tags: Restaurants

Address: “”the waitresses who did that for you in the past were fired.”” A manager who truly cares about costumer service would have told me the past times I have received two punches it was incorrect

Website: I was literally asking her questions and she stuck her nose up in the air and said nothing. Then she just left and let the waitress handle the situation

Phone: she would do the discount as it has been done every other time in the past for me this time but the next time I would have to follow company policies. Instead she argued with me for 10 minutes. When I asked to speak to the owner she wouldn’t even give me the chance to speak because she was constantly cutting me off. When I went back up to the front to speak with the manager who I was talking to before