Not fixing my website after paying 25000 to set it up


My Complaint: They told us that our web would be in the top 4 on google in 6 months and after 2 years we are below 30 on google. After paying all that money to do the work they said they would do we had to do it in order to get the web going get the drop shipping an set up the pages to make them happy 3 different times an it still wasn’t enough to make them happy. We losted all of our saving and had to go back to work at 66 years old it is a crying shame that a company or a company person can be allow to get away with this. It it called stealing in my book i don’t know what you call it in there book they should be go to jail.


My Demand: IT to late now they screw us good i just some of our money back but that will never happen they are to shady they like stealing money from o