My Complaint: This company is a TOTAL Rip OFF! DO NOT Get INVOLVED! Lies- lies and more LIES! 23000.00 and I am left with NOTHING!!!!!!! They Promised and told me this WEBSITE was mine because I paid (10000.00 dollars for it) so, IT IS TOTALLY MINE!! ALL Mine RIGHT? WRONG! I paid 12000.00 for marketing to send the webpage out on the website and promote it! After seeing that they were not doing any work to fix or promote my website, because for I was doing most, and I mean most of the work on the website, not them! S0 I canceled the maintenance fee that they were charging me at 110.00 extra a month! So Gary WONG emailed me and Said, “You broke contact by ending the monthly 110.00 dollars extra (BOGUS, my definition) a month. He proceeded with this, I have Stopped and Revoked your Website! You no longer own the webpage and no longer have access to it either! You did not fulfill the CONTRACT by paying the monthly fee!!!!!!!!!! I responded by saying, “Do you mean to tell me I paid 23000.00 and I am left with 0?” His response was, “yep”, then he ended the call and shut down the 1000 item webpage!
SCAM! I am seeking any person that has been ripped off for this has got to be Stopped!


My Demand: 23000