Complaint: I am a business man in Brampton, Ontario Canada; I had the misfortunate of being briefly acquainted with Mr. Kris Patel. This unlucky meeting, was a brief meeting when Kris offered his legal services to assist me in obtaining import documents from Pakistan which are required for my business, TARIP (Tariff and Integrated Policy) INTRA (Integrated Regulatory Authorities) ECHO (Enhanced Cargo Handling) ACCESS (Automated Customs Clearance System) Mr. Patel represented himself as a lawyer that dealt with import/export and immigration issues, and that he would be able to assist. For $20.000 US dollars, Patel assured me I would have, the documents that are required within ten (10) its almost six (6) months later and I still chasing Patel to receive my documents. A chap named Randy who claimed to be a lawyer, did call me about thirty (30) days ago saying that hes working on the file, but since then I have nothing, a friend of mine at temple, told me yesterday that Mr. Patel has a criminal record and is not a lawyer. I am shocked at this, and Im adding my comments to this blog to warn everyone to now deal with him. Malik

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Address: Queen st Toronto, Ontario United States of America