My fiance and I had been together for almost 3 years. We were happy, or so I believed. Most of my friends are married and have kids, most of his are single or divorced. We both work full time and were saving for a home of our own so we could start a family soon after the wedding. As the wedding got closer and closer I started noticing that he grew more quiet and was on his phone or lap top more than usual. He started to snap chat which was odd since he told me months before that he thought snapchat was like a photo shop for cheaters, sluts and attention whores. I was on snapchat but it never occured to me to look at his list of top snap chatters at the time. I thought maybe he was just developing a case of nerves… I know I felt stressed with all the planning of the wedding and daily life on top of it. A couple weeks go by and I get a snapchat from him of his crotch. Weird…. couple days later a snapchat that says”that looks tasty”. I hadnt sent him anything. I asked him about it and he says his friends girlfriend sent him a pic of some dessert was making. Ummmm, ok. By now hes constantly on FB, and his phone. I see an icon at the top of his screen one night as he is showing me a pic on his phone. I ask about it and he says its a weather alert icon. Ok im trusting most of the time but not dumb. I do some digging on the app store and something in my gut just tells me he is cheating. I find the icon after a few days of freaking out and its Tinder. A site for people to hook up with other random people to have sex. Gross! I confront him and he denies it. I demand his phone and tell him if he doesnt come clean the wedding is off and we are done. He hands it over. I find out not only is he on tinder, he is also on Ashley Madison! Another sex site! I look at everything with him sitting right there. I ask him why and he says his friends told him its easy to hookup with women on Ashley Madison and he was nervous about the wedding and wanted one last fling. This slut, Kristi, is all over his tinder and AM sites. She loves”big dicks, blowjobs, and having threesomes with her friends”. She is a widow with 4 grown children and unbelievably she is a counselor of some sort! Really? Wow! The msgs were mostly her coming onto him which doesn’t excuse him at all but she sounded desperate.”I thought we were gonna hook up? Why havent u fucked me yet?, my friend and I are so wet for your cock.” On and on and on… He chatted with her on and off and then his msgs got few and far between. He even told her that he didn’t think he wanted to have sex with her, that he felt guilty. She said that what I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me. || He didn’t respond for a couple weeks and she must’ve been getting pissy because she tells him that he can”either hook up with her and give her his big dick or she will move onto this married man that wants her so bad! He didn’t respond. He gets more msgs…. Zack (married man) is gonna ride me like his motorcycle, he wants my pussy, hes gonna fuck me and my friend since you aren’t man enough to handle it. Why would she try to make my man jealous? So I sign up on Ashley Madison to see who she is talking about. Scrolled through pics of men and find a guy on a red bike. Must be him. Well this slut must travel statewide because the married man is in Watertown. thats 3 1/2 hrs away from us! She is from Blunt which is right outside our town. I really wanted to find out info on him to warn his wife but it was a dead-end. And still the msgs continued. She just wouldn’t give up. Even though I know for a fact he didn’t sleep with her all my trust is gone. I knew i had to end the relationship. Of course he pleads that he’s heartbroken, sorry, made a mistake, blah blah blah….. too late I’ll never trust him again. The thing is after he became single, her interest is gone…. she doesn’t want him without there being another woman in his life. He told me he contacted her after I left ( he was trying to hurt me) but she was too busy for him now. HAHAHAHA!!!! I realize that the men in these relationships are the ones that owe us loyalty but it really pisses me off that there are women out there that have no respect for other women. Thats what makes these situations and sex sites possible. And really grow up! She is 45 years old! Doesnt she want a relationship of her own or cant she get one? And to be a councelor! How can you give advice to others when your behavior is reprehensible? My wedding would have been in 2 months and I am heartbroken as well but I know in the long run im better off. I hope she is pleased with herself and her married man. I feel horrible for the wife of this Zack. I hope Kristi doesn’t find herself explaining to her kids and employer why she is such a slut….. I know when she messaged me she didn’t have a reason. I’m trying really hard not to stoop to her level but to be honest, I can’t make any promises. I wonder how she would feel about me messing up her life? Could happen…..