Kristi would instant message her former boss that was married with two children and continually flirt until she eventually was got what she wanted. She invited him over for a drink when his wife was out of town visiting her family. Nothing happened between the two of them that night, so she invited him back over the next morning for a jog at 6:00am. She greeted him at the door in a skimpy robe, with candles lit all over her apartment. She gave him a blow job and then he reciprocated by performing oral sex on her. A year later she got married herself and invited her former boss that had cheated with her to her wedding. He attended the wedding with his unsuspecting wife who was now 7 months pregnant with his third child. Through the years, she proceeded to send him Christmas cards and would private message him on Facebook. Eventually, his wife was made aware of his infidelity. Kristi was the least bit remorseful and acted put out for being confronted. Kristi Malik is a loser with no morals.