So this chick here Kristina Elkins is a class act “I don’t wunna work so I’m going to leech to any man so they take care of me.” She has two baby daddies. Her first is with some guy she dated but here’s the kicker… she was living with two men, one being the daddy and the other not. Daddy wasn’t able to keep up with her standards so she left him for the roommate. Roommate gets a nice house and she lives with him for 3 years. Has another kid and now the 2nd baby daddy is having addiction issues and went to rehab. Well she didn’t have a place or money anymore so she leaves him and finds some sorry sucker that’ll take care of her. Well a month goes by and baby daddy #2 is out of rehab. She leaves Mr. Sucker and tries to get back with daddy #2. Lasts about a week and he kicked her out because he finally realized she was using him for money and a house. Well behold, Sucker takes her back because she does’t know how to work. She still continues to txt and beg for daddy #2 to come back while living with sucker. Stay clear from this chick as all she’s doing is looking for a sugar daddy and does not care who she hurts in order to find that man. Fellas stay clear!!