We had a VERY similar experience as the other person who posted about her. In fact, read their post/complaint because I don’t think I could say it any better.
This person is unethical. Her business practices are deplorable. She has aliases. Beware.
Since we have severed our business relationship, she has taken down the website that she had sent us to to see her work. It was nice enough to get my boss involved with her. We paid thousands for her to design our website. We received next to nothing. She always had an excuse why she did not meet a deadline for previews of the work she was supposedly doing for us.
We complained to her. Deaf ears and excuses. She even used her husband and children as reasons why she was behind. I cannot say that she actually EVER worked on our website. We saw rough cut and paste work from templates that anyone can get instead of custom work that we had paid big bucks for.
She said she would give us a partial refund and claimed we were the ONLY people to ever ask for one and that ALL of her clients were happy with her but us.
Needless to say, we NEVER received a single dime back.
The other complaint on here about her lists many of her aliases. Please read it.
PLEASE BEWARE. This person clearly has no business ethics or morals. She lives off of others’ hard work and money.. I demand We have already requested and would like our money back.. Stay away

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