Kristofer Brown
212 N Lamar Ave
Haysville KS 67060
United States
+1 316-461-8305

What can be said about a fuckn loser like this dumbfuck who can’t spell his name correctly. This seething cesspool of shit bought some screws on eBay and open a dispute for $5. I let him know about it, blocked him and promised I’d make a mockery of him for doing so.
Now I have the security of knowing 2 things. 1 you can’t buy another thing from me forever., 2 is this will be here on the internet forever as well. Why because you are a petulant asshole. No make that you lick shitty assholes and walk around with shitty breath!
Motherfucker I can’t control the mail, the speed at which it travels or anything else. My advice to you. Don’t use the internet asshole. especially if you are too stupid to use the internet without fucking up my livelihood.
There is a special place in hell for assholes like you!
Fuck off!

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