Sold me KNOWN FAULTY chicken thighs for about $10 last week.I just got done spending EIGHT HOURS in the HOSPITAL for chicken that was BAD BEFORE i bought it.Kroger intentionally jacks up the price of chicken just to sell BAD and rotting product. nIf I have to go to the hospital again, I’m sending THEM the bill.Screw the insurance.They will get the full bill for damages.Not to mention my suit for lost wages, as I was SUPPOSED to start work today, but because of thier incompetence, I CANNOT and have to take ampetamines, which means I cannot DRIVE, which is REQUIRED to do my JOB.I bill at $20 an HOUR.So far thats ONE to THREE days, and yes, i will count in 24 hour brackets, NOT 8 hour brackets, due to the inability to PREPARE for work as I am so GUT-WRENCHING SICK. nDO NOT BUY CHICKEN from Kroger. n–Lynchburg resident. nRichnnorfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.

Fort Ave Lynchburg, Virginia U.S.A.

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