received a check for 1,975.52


My Complaint: Because of a survey I had taken on the internet, I apparently had been chosen to participate in a paid Quality Control Program. I would be working as a Customer Service Evaluator. Then they want me to log in to their web site using the user ID they have provided and also the password they have provided to activate the check before I can deposit it into my personal checking account. Wait for it to clear and with draw the amount of the check, 350.00 is suppose to be my 1st weeks pay and the rest I would have assignments on how to spend this money and what store to spend it in. I would have 24 hrs to complete and fill out a evaluation form online to report each job completed.. I also get to keep any thing that was bought. Dose not want any personal information about me and that’s odd, Why would a company want to give you a lot of money and merchandise for free never meeting their employee?


My Demand: Stop these people from taking advantage of people, getting their hopes up on something that is to good to be true. Not knowing it is a scam.