Me and my family saw a promotion online through a website called that said that Krystal Cancun resort was offering a discounted stay (and a balcony suite) for attending a “90 minute” presentation on their Vacation Club’s timeshare program. We flew to Cancun and showed them our reservation only to be told we couldnt use the card we had on us, yet they ended up charging it anyways(more on that later) and they let us reserve with it. They then put us into a room with no working ac and leaking toilet and assured us it would be temporary. The next day, we attended the horrendous timeshare presentation, as required. At first, everything seemed fine, but after we got done with breakfast with a salesperson, the sales person took us around the resort and showed us an oceanfront room with a jacuzzi, asking if we would like to stay in a room like that. And we said yes, not knowing it would become a part of their sales pitch to us later on in the presentation. As we got wrapped up seeing the demo condo, the salesperson took us to a sales room. And thats when it went bad. We were forced to sit there and listen to multiple sales people give us all kinds of numbers over and over again. And when we said we wanted to get our oceanfront room, they said of course. Then we said we were not interested in a timeshare or purchase of a condo and then you could tell that they were no longer going to give us our room. They then still persisted in pressuring us and giving us numbers and we said no again. It was about twenty more minutes until we could finally leave. Once we left the sales room, an employee asked us to sign a document certifying we met the requirements to get the promotion. But what happens next is the real kicker. On the last day, as we prepared to check out, we were told that we couldn’t check out yet and to wait for someone from the sales office. The person from sales told us that we owed them approximately 1,000 dollars extra because we had not met our requirements, even though we signed a paper certifying that we had. Then they said we needed to give them a card other than the one we had on us (even though we were told to bring that card) or else we would have to pay that money. Since we didnt, we said we were leaving because we had to catch a flight (which we did). Then the person from sales told the taxi people outside to withhold transportation from us, in order to keep us from leaving. Then, we were threatened with being prevented from leaving the country, basically holding us hostage. And so we paid, under duress. And we are currently fighting for our money.