I placed an order on 4/13, two items, $48 total in purchase. They state on their site, please allow up to a week to ship, so a week went by and I never received a shipping update so I reached out. Below is their response – April 20th – Hi Vinnie , Thanks for reaching out to us, Your package is already shipped and we will provide you with your tracking number as soon as possible 🙂 Kind regards, Amelia _______________ So I waited, on April 21s they reached back out – Hello Vincenzo,n Sorry for this mistake, Your package is not shipped yet and we will need up to 9 days to process and ship it, we have a huge demand for the products you want and if you want a refund please let me know and I will cancel your order immediately! Best Wishes, Natalie ____________________ Since then, I requested an order update and they have ignored me. I let more days pass and followed-up to request a refund, they have intentionally ignored me since 4/21 and we are approaching 30 days with no response from their team and no product shipped. I am confident you are taking a HUGE risk by purchasing from this seller.

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