Have you seen this man he may be selling cars, Rustic Furniture, Transportation or anything else his name is Kurt Keiper and is wanted by police in in Pa for skipping bail on multiple theft and deception charges if you see this man call police or google him to find people to contact about his location people will pay money to find him alive do not spend any money with this man i would not trust him with a pack of gum he is a bad man and even scamed his wife and mother of his children out of millions he is scum and needs to be in jail he takes you in close makes you feel as close as family then screws you over he is a ponzy sceem everything he does is a scam he will lie for hrs to avoid the ten minute truth he is a looser and if he jumped in front of a bus no one would miss him no one not his wife kids mother no on will miss you kurt do it buddy do the world a favor pick something big so it dont just paralize ya

340 Thousand Oaks Lane Middleburg, Pennsylvania United States of America


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