Complaint: Beware of the 15th st con-artis Kyle Sindlinger, and his wife Karmyn Sindlinger. We thought we could trust them because his family went to church. Go figure they are actually some really bad people. We kept hearing the same story on the street, after we moved in and signed the year lease. We were told that for some ‘unknown’ reason, everyone who lives here seems to move out around 3-6 months. Come to find out, the house suffers from MASSIVE flooding whenever it rains or snows.As well as horrible leaking from pipes connected to the main shower. When Kyle was confronted with the flooding, he instantly denied any flooding whatsoever, even though he had admitted months earlier that the house had flooding when his family used to live here. We also informed him of the leaking pipes when he came over to do some “repairs””. He did nothing to fix the leaking pipes and never did any repairs that he promised to do when we moved in. We also had trouble with the smoke detectors going off at random in the middle of the night when we first moved in. We told him about the problem and asked him to fix it before we brought a new born into the home because we wanted working smoke detectors and we didn’t want to have them waking our child up in the middle of the night. He told us to “”just wipe them down”” when we informed him that we had already done so he said “”just wipe them down”” and left it at that never addressing the actual problem. Around 5 months into our stay

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Address: the fleas arrived. The fleas enter the house via a large vent attached to the basement wall (which is big enough for birds and rats

Website: without giving 24 hour notice

Phone: which there were rat and mice traps in the basement left from past renters) and other clearly open areas where foliage from outside was growing into the house. We did not contact him right away as every time we tried to contact him to fix something he wouldn’t respond. We tried in vain to bomb the house ourselves and vacuum 2-3 times a day. Kyle made such bold claims such as “”you don’t want to seal up a house TOO MUCH