My husband of over 13 years had an affair with a GIRL 23 yrs his junior.  He was 44 and screwing a 21 yr old! ( his DOB 2/1970, her DOB 1/1993 ) and… SHE GOT PREGNANT!  Yes, my husband has been verified as the father of her baby. Literally makes me wanna puke!! We have kids older than her!!  I don’t know who is more sick in the head.. him or her. || This hoe knew we were married!! She clearly didn’t care and neither did my husband obviously. She lived 2 doors down from us in the apartment building we lived in WHITELAW, WI. || After much suspicion that my husband was having an affair we split up 10-20-14. || I was unaware that when he left our home that he was staying with her, only about 50 feet down the hall from my door. He was able to stay there for several weeks before I found out he was there. ( He clearly kept it very hidden and snuck in and out the building without me being aware. ) || My husband still swears he did not have an affair with her, says he was never”with her” and claims she had a boyfriend and that they were just letting my husband sleep on their couch for a few weeks. BS!!! || I could detail sooo much more but it’s not needed. She has no morals, no respect and will do whatever she wants regardless of whom she hurts. It’s probably safe to say she would screw ANY man… might be your man?! so ladies watch your man and if you see this hoe STAY AWAY, clearly she isn’t a trustworthy respectable person. Complete trash! || PS – I filed for divorce as soon as I knew he was having an affair.