Sarah Thompson is the worst lady to have serve your papers. She is a biggot and uses hate speech toward other vendors and post ridiculous reviews on other people’s pages to try to steal away their business. This woman is horrible lady and Sarah Thompson should be avoided at all costs. Sarah Thompson will lie to you and pretend that she is a cool gal when she is horrible. She refers to other races using racial slurs and biggot like behavior which I feel is inappropriate for anyone to have to read and go through and even listen to. Sarah Thompson is also after being told using another companies business name. She tries to intimidate the owners by bringing their mother into the conversation threatening to “do whatever”. This lady Sarah Thompson is a horrible horrible woman. A person who loves their mother so dearly and to have Sarah Thompson talk bad about a person’s parents on a serious tip is a worthless person. Sarah Thompson is a racist a biggot and needs to be brought to light. No one should support such a lousy incompetent horrible business like Sarah Thompson. Horrible lady. Sarah is also using a business name she can’t even pay a lousy $25 bucks for publishing like California law says…yet she wants to harass other business owners just because they go by the law and do publishing. And to make it bad, than tries to steal other people’s business by bad nothing them and posting ridiculous articles inline. I am currently in a lawsuit with this Sarah Thompson and I will be bringing all the evidence to court showing Sarah Thompson to be a horrible example of a process server. Case number 18stsc11644 is the small claims case number the hearing is in 12/19/18. I’ll try to keep you all posted about this horrible racial slurs talking woman.

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