Complaint: My very first week of work went smoothly, everyone was nice and i enjoyed being there. The second week was still okay, but that’s when Jesse started correcting me in everything I did. I just thought of it as him trying to help me. Then, things just started going downhill from there. He was expecting me to do five things at once, just stuff i cannot possibly do. Then he started yelling at he told me I was one of the worst servers he has ever had. He questioned my experience as a server, every time he thought I was doing something wrong to him, he threatened me and told me he was going to make me a hostess. He even made me sit out and miss a few tables just to make me study the menu. I missed out on money I could have been making because he wanted to quiz me. He pulled me aside all the time just to complain and tell me to focus and I need to be doing everything. One time I just looked at my cellphone and he took it away from me and wouldn’t give it back until i finished all my work. When he did give it back to me he just yelled at me some more. While I serve tables he hovers over me. When i leave me table he always ask them if they need anything else. One time, while we were busy, a man came and joined the table I was serving. We were really busy and I did not make it to that table yet. He was only sitting there for a few minutes and he started yelling at me because I didn’t bring him his coke yet. It was only a few minutes and he gave them a free appetizer and dessert, but my guests said it was no big deal because they were just talking. Then he yells at me some more for being such a terrible server. I went home numerous times crying because he just embarrasses me in front of guests. Last week I called in and told them I couldn’t make it to work because of the accidents that shut down I-75. I was in Tampa and couldn’t make it to work. I was scheduled for four days that week, and they just crossed me out of the entire scheduled for the week. I didn’t work one day that week. I went into work today and I was serving my tables, i went back to the kitchen to get drinks for my guests and Jesse stopped me and asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was working, and Jesse said “I thought we fired you last week

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Address: your named was crossed out”” I said no

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Phone: I’m on the schedule this week. After I explained why I couldn’t make it to work Monday he told me I must be one of the dumbest waitresses we have ever had. I just walked away and busted out in tears. I asked one of my co-workers to finish my tables for me and to just tell Dave I Quit. I couldn’t take the verbal abuse anymore. I never wanted to go to work because I was scared of what Jesse was going to say to me that day. I’ve worked in a few other restaurants and I have never experienced the verbal abuse and humiliation as I did at La Fiesta.”