DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!! I ordered a so called Italian made leather sofa and when it arrived I quickly discovered that it was made in China and was a cheap version of an Italian leather sofa. The sofa looked great once it was assembled, however once I began to lounge on the sofa I noticed I could feel the metal springs in the backs on the sofa each time I sat down. I paid $2300.00 for the sofa online and LA Furniture refused to take the sofa back, even though I contacted them within 3-5 days of receving the sofa. After filing a complaint on their website, I received the run around from the Complaints Manager named Knar. I had to visit their showrooms three times before they would give me her number. I left two messages with her and several emails and when I finally spoke to her she pretended that she wasn’t aware of my complaint or phone calls. After waiting two weeks to hear back from her, she emailed me and said they would not take the sofa back. So now my only resort is to file a lawsuit for misrepresentation of their product. I will not stop until I am fully refunded for my time and my cost. Cavear Emptor!

Los Angeles, California United States of America

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