LA Solar Group gave me hell! I won’t wish it even on my worst enemy. By the way, I’m not here to rant or make a scene. The only reason I sat down to write this post is to save anyone I can from these careless sloths of a company. Even if only one person can be saved from this post, then my efforts aren’t in vain.
So I came into this whole “Going Solar” trend when my friend told me how much he saves on electricity every year. I was jealous, I’m not gonna lie. Who doesn’t want to save cash, so I too, decided to get some shiny panels installed on my roof. I checked out some brochures and websites during my freetime at work. This company seemed to stick out from the herd, they didn’t only have good testimonials online, but they were also nice to me on the phone. But it was the only thing that I liked about them. The rest of my experience was not nowhere as good as this.
The paper work was done and a

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