I payed almost 400$ for LA Weight Loss Centers. I was confused at this, because from the TV comercials I was under the impression that you could pay 7$ a week. I joined because I don’t want to grow older and be overweight. nThe ladies were all so nice…. At first. When I payed them my money, I was under the impression that the LA Lites were included, after all; I had just payed $400. Alas the LA Lites were not. I almost crapped my pants when they had the audasity to urge me to buy some “Nutra-Grain Bars”” 2 boxes at 14$ EACH. nWhen I read the contract I was disheartened to realize that if you do not consume the $14 per box LA Lites you will not get your money back

because “”you were’nt following the program correctly

and I guess that’s not their fault. Throughout the diet that they claim “”You’re never hungry on

“” I have been absolutely miserable. Not only has my weight been creeping off at an amazingly slow pace

I’m also cranky and HUNGRY. nWhen I go to weigh in