I signed up for LA Weightloss in April 2005 with the intentions of losing 20 lbs. When I signed up I was told that if I maintained my goal weight for a year I would receive half of my money back – minus the intial set up fee. That was an incentive for me to pay $615 (including the set up fee). Never in that time was I told that in order for me to be able to receive a refund I would not only have to maintain my weight but use the LA Lite bars per their instructions. It was not until the 3rd visit , which was my 2nd day on the 2 day start off diet that this was communicated to me. They were asking me to pay like an extra $800 something dollars for LA Lite bars to carry me through the year (which by the way was a deal because it was in bulk). However I had just payed $615 2 day prior to that and did not have $800 more to pay (money does not grow on trees for me)- so we went through my options and of course they did tell me that I did not have to do the LA Lite bars but they could not guarantee my weightloss and I would not qualify for the refund. nI at that time told them that if I had to do the LA Lite bars in order to receive my refund that I was not going to be able to participate in their program. They did offer some other choices but at that time I was not feeling very comfortable in the whole situation. So I asked for my money back, it had not even been a week since I had signed up. It had been 3 days. I thought by law I had 3 days to cancel any agreement and be able to receive my full money back. Of course they put me off until Monday. When I spoke with the Area Supervisor I received a different version of what the rebate program was and of course more options but I really just wanted my money back. In the end I was offered a full refund but I have to wait for 6 weeks – which is pretty sad considering they had no problem taking my money in 1 second. I am going into my 5th week and am hoping this all works out as I have not seen any sign of refund. On a brighter note I will add that my sister n law does use LA Weightloss (different center) and she has been happy with her center. nRuthnPflugerville, TexasU.S.A.

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