Company is a Scam. The wig they sent me was not what I ordered was not the right shape, size, colour or design and was of very poor quality. I followed the instructions contained in the box to get a replacement wig and the wig was never to be seen again. I have lost my money and no wig to show for it. When I sent the item back I sent all of my contact details and all the emails of correspondence I had with them and it has disppeared and they said I should have registered it but I followed all of the instructions contained in the box. I feel this instruction may have beenpurposely left out of the instrctions so the customer does not have any recall. Buyers Be Aware and do not buy from this Company and if you insist in buying from this Company make sure you register it so you can track it yourselves and then they cannot come back and say that they didnt receive it.

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