Online SCAM and FRAUD


My Complaint: On January 16, 2015, I ordered what appeared to be a “FREE” trial of a LaCreme SkinCare product for the payment of a shipping charge of $4.95 … to which an additional $0.04 (unspecified “International Transaction Fee”) was added. On January 31, 2015, my account was mysteriously charged by LaCreme SkinCare for $87.63 + $0.70 “International Transaction Fee” for what I have come to find out was that “FREE” trial offer. Not very “FREE”!! Since that time on March 2, 2015, LaCreme SkinCare has once again charged my account for $87.63 + $0.70 “International Transaction Fee”. I was not aware that I had signed on to a recurring subscription service for a product that DID NOT work and that was felt to be useless and worthless!! I was “lectured” repeatedly by the LaCreme SkinCare “customer service” rep and supposed “supervisor” that it is the customer’s fault and the customer’s problem because they do not read all of the terms. Perhaps the problem is really because this SCAM and FRAUD has been structured, advertised, and presented in such a manner as to intentionally deceive and defraud the public. This SCAM is an intentional conspiracy in concert with BellaLabs to defraud the public.


My Demand: FULL REFUND and no further contact from LaCreme or BellaLabs or any other company associated with them. Remove me from all databases.