Based on my experience with the Laguna Bay Spa we purchased I am sorry I bought a Laguna Bay Spa. Our Spa arrived in November 2011. It is April 2012 and the spa is still running fine. However, i did my own installation and I am much more then handy with tools, mechanics and electrical wiring and components. My comment concerns what I consider serious design and assembly faults that I feel simply reflect a complete disregard for doing things right. My biggest irritation is with the skin on the spa. it is a tempered plastic bead board 1/4″ thick. Its a fine material

but it does not seem to take glue or adhesives. As a bead board

the sides of the spa are made up of 6″” wide sections of bead board back stapled to two strips of 3/8″” plywood. Because it is back stapled to the plywood perhaps 3/16″” or even only 1/8″” of each staple bite into the tempered bead board. My point is that there is very little holding the skin on the Spa. My next irritation concerns how the skin was assembled around the spa. Basically the 4 sides and 4 corner caps were stacked around the spa and probably pulled tight with two 35′ strap clamps. then just as quickly as the panels could be banged and slapped into position they were screwed in place. No problem if you never have to take a panel off – a nightmare if you do – truly. And you do have to remove a panel regularly. In slang the skins are slapped on. My next headache is with the control box access. An access hole is provided for #8 or#6 wire (depending on the wire configuration). This is really big stiff stuff. The access hole put the wires right on top of the power terminal strip

which left no way to make the bends in #8 wire let alone #6. Lastly

the terminal strip was a light electronics strip meant to take no more then 14 gauge wire. making this work was a nightmare. Not as big a headache is the fact that the control box was just too small. Based on these headaches I am troubled about the spa’s quality.”