We have heard very good things about this Lake and park u201cLake De Valleu201d in Livermore and ended up a very negative trip. Yes, they have room to improve, but it is an ok park for day use. The camping areas for overnight were full this particular weekend and very small. My partner and I headed to the Lake for Motheru2019s Day. We drove 3 1/3 hours, and we paid the lake fee and then headed over to get the boat for mussel inspection. The attendant was very very thorough which we can understand is needed. The entire boat was spotless, I had washed it two weeks prior and we keep the boat in a closed garage at all times. The last area checked was the engine, as we lowered the engine, there were two dropsu2014Iu2019m not kidding TWO DROPS. Which of by the way came from washing itu2014not another lake. Well long story short, he denied us to take our boat on the lake.

7000 Del Valle Rd livermore, California USA

(510) 544-3139

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