This scum bag is 21 years old and is a temp at the factory where my boyfriend of 7 years works. Apparently she thought seducing him would help her keep her job. Everyone there sees how she flirts with everyone and wants her gone, instead she keeps going after guys and using them. Let me start by saying no, our relationship is not perfect, but it is OURS. We have a beautiful 5 year old daughter and a home together. Two weeks ago, things got rough when I found out I possibly had cervical cancer and had to have surgery to remove it. The day of my surgery I was home and recovering well, he asked me if he could go to the bar to celebrate with a friend who was changing shifts. I said yes and he went. I later found out he met her there but he called me and told me he loved me and he would be home soon. He was also complaining we couldn’t have sex due to my surgery. || A few hours later he still wasn’t home. I found that strange since he said he was going out for one beer. I was upset and worried he may be hurt. My frustration caused an argument where he proceeds to tell me he loves me so much and I can trust him. He loves me more than anything and just wants to make me happy. We went to bed and spent the entire next day as a family. All was normal and we were happy. That night I am staying up late cleaning and walk into our bedroom while he is asleep and see his phone flashing. Thinking I may have missed a call from his boss for a job (he has two jobs) I checked it. There were texts from a number saying”I cant handle this side girl stuff. I wont just text you when you are at work. She needs to know and I don’t care if it starts issues” In shock I called the number. I was still in shock so I asked her calmly to leave my family alone and respect what is not hers. I confronted him and he says she is some obsessed girl chasing after him but obviously there is more than that. I found out later that every single night he MADE her agree not to text him at home and she was forced to delete him from snap chat, little slave was allowed to re add him the next day during work hours. She was ok with that. How sad and pathetic. What a desperate whore. She knew about my family, she knew I was at home and she still is going after him. She has pictures up of her and some guy grabbing her ass yesterday while she asks MY man to have a baby with her after two weeks! Shoot she wouldn’t even know who the father was she gets around so much. Sources have told me she has been with more men than she can count. Since this happened she has continued to pursue him, happy to be a sideline whore, i chuck it up to the fact her bio parents threw her away so she has clinging issues. He tells me she is desperate and no way in hell does he want to be with her. Don’t get me wrong, I blame him too for betraying me when I needed him most. Our daughter is heartbroken and this girl says oh well, she will give him a new baby. He is a great father so I know whatever I choose that will never be the case. A man loves his firstborn and their mother and they always try to go back. As of right now we are living together in the same house, same bed while she claims she wants to marry him. Hunny you dont even KNOW him. I don’t know what the future holds as this is all so fresh. I hope she sees that anything that starts with lies will end in lies too. She is pathetic and desperate and needs some serious help for her daddy issues. Once a whore always a whore, i truly believe karma will get her for her nasty activity. As for me, I will only get stronger weather I choose to be with him or walk away He says he loves me and I know he does but I dont know what is next…. however….. She will always be a worthless, rotten whore. Oh and yes the message above is my boyfriend calling her out for spreading em with someone else Classy! This 21 year old little girl knows no reality. She better hope she doesn’t get knocked up, she is too big of a drunken whore chasing cock to ever be a good mother.