Complaint: Lancaster County Children and Youth is one of the most corrupt organizations that I have ever seen or witnessed. Whereas the average layman would be prosecuted for providing false information to the court; and having a Judge relying on those false statements to sign an Order. Children and Youth standard operating procedure is to manipulate the system for their own personal satisfaction. So the story beginsu2026. On Tuesday March 29, 2016 Children and Youth filed a petition to gain custody of my daughters infant, born February 12, 2016. In the petition the stated: My house, where my daughter resides is not a safe dwelling for the infant. Where as this intake/case worker, Chris Hornberger, for Children and Youth has never bothered to enter the dwelling to make any opinions based on facts. Prior to delivering the Order was never even to the residence. It is important to note that in November of 2015 my daughter did go to rehab and Children and Youth case worker Phil Duchin was inside my home and did describe it as u201cbeautiful and perfect.u201d Furthermore who would guess a 4 bedroom, 2 bath single family home built in 1978 would not provide adequate housing for 2 adults and 2 children? The petition states that my daughter is on probation, and materially false. My daughter is on pretrial bail for DUI and we are to have the right of innocent until proven guilty, right? The petition states that my daughter failed to attend a bail administration appointment on Tuesday March 28, and would be taken into custody. Again, false as appointments are on Wednesday and my daughter did speak to caseworker after her bail administration appointment on March 29 and was aware there were no issues. The petition states that my daughter is suspected of still using drugs and could pass out at any time hence hinders taking care of an infant. There is no denying that my daughter did have a prior opiate addiction; in that same breath it needs to be noted that my daughter is drug tested weekly for Bail Administration, weekly random drug tests for ARS Medical and to date THREE drug tests for Children and Youth of Lancaster County. With one of the drug tests beingthe day PRIOR to Childrenu2019s and Youthu2019s filing of the petition. The petition states I, the grandmother, is currently raising my daughters 15 year old son, petition fails to state my daughter resides in the home with both of us. The petition states that there are no family member to have the child taken care of outside of my daughter. Another false statement as both myself and my son-in-law have spoken to Children and Youth and stated that we would be taken care of the child if anything occurred to my daughter, the childu2019s mother. Furthermore, there is a paper trail of emails that shows I was in the midst of hiring a nanny the day prior to Children and Youthu2019s filing of their petition. What the petition does not state is my daughter has decided to allow family friends, a married couple, to adopt the baby with an open adoption. Whereas she can handle her legal issues and still have involvement with the child through her life. Children and Youth case worker has admitted numerous times that he simply did the order to prevent the adoption from gone forward. WHY???? This reluctance to allow an adoption to go forward only further hinders the Pro-life movement and the belief that abortion is the answer. After Children and Youth took custody of my granddaughter Chris Hornberger from Children and Youth went to my local police department, showed Order and stated both my daughter and grandchild was on the run (false statement), he further asked for any u201cgossip or here sayu201d on the household that was not part of public record.WHY are tax payers paying for foster care and allowing Children and Youth to lie to the already backed up Court system to achieve a goal that is not in the best interest of the child or the family?WHY is Children and Youth allowed to break the laws and not simply be forced to tell the truth to the Courtsu2026 working for the government cannot be a pass to perjury?

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