Complaint: i purchase what was suppose to have been a brand new 2004 chevy impala from these crooks. from day one when i drove it off the lot, my trouble started. i went from having my steering wheel removed, to having work done to the driver’s window, to signal light malfunction, air bag disarmed, interior lights malfunctions, to purchasing new tires and discovering that my lug caps had been broken and glued back with silicone. this crooked company stated that this did not happen in their service department. these people of suppose to be loyal to their customers refused to fix my vehicle. i was left with no other choice but to have my incidents known to public. it is ones choice of where to buy their vehicles, but never again will i deal with lancaster motor company of lancaster sc. they won’t admit to their wrong. they either sold me a lemon vehicle or they switch a new 2004 impala for a pre-own 2004. new cars couldn’t have came with a 106 miles and glued on lug caps explain to me what new means. if this is new, then what is old? Betty kershaw, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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Address: 1616charlotte Hwy Lancaster, South Carolina U.S.A.


Phone: 803-2834118